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We all have the ability to heal ourselves

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Welcome Sister!  I believe that nothing happens by chance and when souls meet, it's for a Divine Purpose.    

It is my Soul Mission to help you to be able to embody and express your most Divine Form. That means Vibrant Health - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Without each of these in balance, we struggle to be able to find and live our Dharma or Divine Purpose in life. 

We all have within us the ability to heal ourselves.  My healing journey began about 24 years ago when I began to experience severe anxiety, depression and gut health issues.  When traditional methods did not give me the relief I was searching for, I turned to Nature.  I learned about herbal medicine and natural foods, discovered Yoga and began to develop a spiritual relationship with Nature & the Divine Feminine - The Goddess.   These things were Divine Healing Nectar to my soul.  It was not a quick trip - it took time- but after a while, I no longer had any symptoms from my previous state of dis-ease. 

Years later, I decided to take my interests, knowledge and experience and pursue certifications in the very modalities that helped me heal. 

Now it is with complete joy that I get to empower other women and connect them to their own inner healer.  

The plants have enough spirit to transform our limited vision -

Rosemary Gladstar

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